Working Diligently at Training…But It is Still Not Working!!!

You can probably imagine the loads of work I have…six children, whom I homeschool and several businesses which I run. Just the other day I was very frustrated because I realized I needed to train the children for new jobs. That task is never easy. It takes consistency and time…time which I don’t seem to have.

I started to train one child for one job, another for another. My frustration increased when each job was not working out with the child I had appointed to it. My frustration arose out of my inner questioning…”If I train a child properly, it should work!”-I kept telling myself. Yet, reality was telling me otherwise. I was properly training, yet I was encountering resistance and lack of peace.

Several weeks went by with a subtle hint of chaos and anxiousness. In the midst of all this, I had to leave for a 4 day trip. When I got back, I felt I was even more behind and there was more conflict in getting the new chores done.

Instead of persisting in those jobs, I tried something new…I switched each person to new jobs (which meant more training). For one day, I trained all the children for new jobs- Gus Jr. was going to vacuum and mop the whole house. Nick was going to continue to do laundry for the whole family (I had discontinued this job for him). Alexis was going to be released to full kitchen duty (cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family), and Mia learned to bake bread and clean the bathrooms.

Amazingly enough, at the end of the day, I already felt the peace and fruit of my work. Each child joyfully “fell” into their chores and I could tell this time it was going to work.

So what did I learn? I learned that if I try to teach a new job, and after consistent effort, it is still not working, then I should try switching to other jobs. There are times when as parents we may not have evaluated each child’s gifts or it’s not the time for a “particular” job for a “particular” child. It is best to consider the fruit of your labor…Even when you are doing something “good” and the fruits are still not “good,” then let go of it and try something NEW.