Kids with Character

I am sitting here writing…while on my left side, a few feet away, is my 4 year old son Lucas. He is trying very stubbornly to handle a mop and clean the floor. I am thankful that all my children like to help around the house. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy. But overall, with a little training on my part, chores get taught and get done.

I remember how my mom used to teach me to clean the bathroom when I was little. A single mom with two children and with two jobs, she needed my brother and I to help her with the chores. But honestly, I think she not only did it because she needed help, but because it was her conviction to teach us good work ethics.

I am thankful to my “mami”-an immigrant woman with a tenacious determination to make the best of her children. This site and the “Building Character and Strong Work Ethics” Package is dedicated to my mom. Thanks to her I not only became a woman of strong work ethics, but I also had a foundation to develop kids with character.

If this wasn’t your fortune, do not despair. There are many things I have learned from books or from others. The main thing is to make the decision to do it. I encourage you to envision what you would like to see in your family- good manners? obedient children? a clean house? Those things are on their way!