About Us

We are the Solis Family! Our six children and us own a family business and travel around the country sharing our experiences on family and education. Our business requires us to set up a “book store” at homeschool conventions every weekend, during 5 months of the year.

You can imagine this to be hard work! And it is, but we are blessed to work together as a family. The best part is…our children are very much a part of our business and without them, we could not get it done!

It all started when people were amazed at our children working the cash register at very young ages (as early as seven!).

People asked and asked “What do you do to get your children to work so hard? To behave so well? To be so mature?” In response to the demand, we put together a workshop, which then evolved into this program.

Through our life and seminars, we have taught thousands of people around the country about character and strong work ethics! As one of our more popular talks, rooms are often “standing room only” to hear Shirley share her secrets on building character.

The opportunity is now available to you, because we put together the most complete package on building character we could think of. We are ready to share what we have learned with you in this step by step character building program. Your family will never be the same! It will be better!